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        Fan Display

        3D Hologram Display

        3d hologram display
        F1-50H | F2-100H
        • No background
        • Display in the air
        • 3D hologram display
        • low power consumption
        • Cloud management


        Model/td> F1-50H F2-100H
        Display size 50cm 100cm
        Wattage 70W 140W
        Max resolution 500k pixel 1200K pixel
        Brightness (nits) ≥1200 ≥1600
        LED quality 512 1024
        Row 8G 8G
        Display angle 176 176
        Material ABS+PC ABS+PC
        Video format MP4、AVI、 RMVD、 MPEG MP4、AVI、 RMVD、 MPEG
        Lifetime 30000H 30000H
        Control WiFI,USB,WEB WiFI,USB,WEB
        Input voltage 110-240v 110-240v
        Blades 2/4 4
        Work temperature -20~50 -20~50
        3D holographic display list

        320 pcs led beads to show better image

        3D holographic display is a device that uses human visual persistence technology,a series of high-density LED lights with rotating to present a holographic effect. The fan display can be spliced into a full image by multiple combinations and applied to the stage, window, light pole, outdoor screen, etc.,which can display 3D advertising content.
        3D holographic display

        High quality ABS material

        3D holographic display material

        humanization design, hoisted,mounted and seat installation

        4 blades fan display

        Flexible and easy to install

        fan display installation

        Display Effect

        fan display installation

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        No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your 3D Hologram Display more attractive!

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