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        How To Calculate The LED Display Screen Points

          How to calculate the LED display points? first of all,need to know the LED screen area and pixel pitch, in order to calculate the number of LED display screen points.LED display manufacturers to share how to calculate the LED display points.

          What is the pixel pitch?

          The pixel pitch is center to center distance of adjacent pixels measured in millimeters. In a plan term, pixel pitch shows the gap between the pixels of LED display. The smaller pixel pitch means there is smaller empty space between the pixels and there are more number of pixel, results in higher resolution and higher image quality. Figure below illustrate the pixel pitch for a high resolution SMD LED module and standard resolution DIP LED module.

          Indoor LED display P3 point spacing is 3mm, indoor LED display P2 point spacing is 2mm, and so on.

          For example, indoor LED display P4, point spacing is 4mm, one square meter area P4 points is 62500, the calculation method is as follows:

          1 square meters is long 1000mm and wide 1000mm area,points in length: l=1000mm/4mm=250 point, points in width:h=1000mm/4mm=250 point,1 square meters will have l*h= (1000mm/4mm) * (1000mm/4mm) =250*250=62500 point.

          In order to let us have a deeper understanding of Full-color LED Display points calculation method, such as customized P4 Full-color LED Display: 5 meters long, 3 meters wide, the total area of 15 square meters, then there are two calculation methods for reference:

          First, the method of estimating: l*h= (5000mm/4mm) * (3000mm/4mm) = 937,500 points.

          Second, the accurate method: Assumes is uses the 128mm x 64mm specification module, needs the module quantity for the long 5000mm/128mm=39.06 piece ≈39 piece, the wide  3000mm/64mm=46.875 piece ≈47 piece; the actual led screen length is 39*128/1000= 4.992 meters, the actual LED screen width is 47*64/1000=3.008 meters.

          The actual point of the entire LED display is l*h= (4992mm/4mm) * (3008mm/4mm) = 938,496. two methods of calculation slightly different,because the Full-color LED display is done by the module, the size of the cabinet limit, a little error is very normal.

          The above is full color LED display manufacturers on the LED display points calculation method summary, hope to help everyone.

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