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        LED Display Screen Installation Type

          When buying an LED screen , not only you care about LED screen price, how to use the LED screen , but also how to install the LED screen . The LED screen  manufacturers France will share the installation of the LED screen !

        led screen installation method

          LED screens are divided into various installation methods according to different application. They are: fixed installation, rental, and stadium installation. According to the user's different environment, LED screen is divided into a variety of installation methods, including: wall-mounted, cantilevered, inlaid, column, standing, roof, mobile, stadium fence type, rental and lifting type, arc Form and other installation methods. Let's take a look at the more common 11 LED screen  installation methods.

          1, wall-mounted installation

        led screen installation method
          1) This installation method is usually used indoors or outdoors. 2) The display area is small, generally no maintenance access space is left, the whole screen is taken down for maintenance, or a folded integrated frame is made. 3) The screen area is a little larger, generally adopts the front maintenance design (ie the frontal maintenance design, usually adopts the assembly method)

          2, column type installation

        led screen installation method
        led screen installation method

          There are a variety of column installation methods, generally used for outdoor advertising, the following: 1) single column installation: suitable for small screen applications; 2) dual column installation: suitable for large screen applications; 3) closed maintenance channels: applicable In the simple cabinet; 4) open maintenance channel: suitable for standard cabinet.

          3, cantilever installation

        led screen installation method
          1) This method is mostly used for indoor and semi-outdoor use; 2) It is generally used at entrances of corridors and corridors, as well as entrances to stations, railway stations, subways, etc.; 3) It is used for traffic guidance on highways, railways, and highways. 4) The screen body design generally adopts one cabinet design or hoisting structure design.

          4, hanging installation

        led screen installation method
          This installation method is similar to the cantilever installation method. The application is the same. The screen body adopts an integrated cabinet design scheme and is suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor screens.

          5, mosaic installation

        led screen installation method
          1) The entire display screen is embedded in the wall, the display plane and the wall are on the same level; 2) The simple box design is adopted; 3) The front maintenance (front maintenance design) is generally adopted; 4) The installation method is indoor and outdoor Use, but the general application of small and small display screen area; 5) Generally used for building entrance, building hall and so on.

          6, stand-up installation

        led screen installation method
          1) Generally, one-piece cabinet design is adopted, and there is also a split-type combination design; 2) It is suitable for indoor small-distance specification screens; 3) The general display area is small; 4) The typical application of LED TV design.

          7, roof type installation

        led screen installation method
          1) The wind resistance is a key to this installation method; 2) It is generally installed with an inclined angle, or the module is designed with a slope of 8°; 3) It is used for outdoor advertising display.

          8, football field fence installation

        led screen installation method

          For the perimeter of the football field, the stadium display screen angle can be adjusted with the tilt of the support frame to adopt a soft silicone mask design, and a soft arc top design is adopted so as to avoid sports collision injuries.

          9, rental lifting method

        led screen installation method

          The size of the screen is determined by the normal screen. Lifting screen should not be big. The general requirement is below 6M*10M. Special case material and curtain-like exceptions. The top is equipped with a lifting beam and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. Hanger beams are used to lift the screen. Between the line and the box, the hoisting mechanism is used to connect and the horizontal box is locked with the buckle. Lifting mechanism points: gear type, cone-type, bolt type. The gear type is more expensive and beautiful, and the taper rod type is moderately priced and reliable. The bolt type is cheap, reliable, and the assembly is troublesome. It is not suitable for repeated installation and disassembly.

          10, arc form installation

        led screen installation method

          Screen length x width (height): LxW; screen length W: refers to the height of the screen; screen length L: the length of the screen. The length of the picture can be initially determined by the circumference of the circle or arc. Divide the module length to determine the number of modules. For the circular screen as far as possible according to 92 modules to divide; as many as 2,3,4,5,6 integer multiples to determine the number of modules in a row (to facilitate the division of the box, easy to produce). The draft angle of the module is generally 2 degrees, and one module is only 4 degrees. That is, generally 92 modules are needed to form a perfect circular screen. At least not less than 60 modules. After determining the number of one-line modules, you can get the length of the screen. The length of the picture L = the number of modules * module length; screen area A = L * W; for non-circular screen (curved screen), only need to be divided down as needed, like cake-like. The mounting bracket needs to be customized according to the size of the circular screen (arc screen).

          11, truss mobile installation

        led screen installation method

          1) The screen body can be moved in real time according to actual needs; 2) The screen body moves according to the display screen and the scene; 3) The truss guide rail design is used; 4) The screen is generally applied to the stage background screen, mostly used for television stations and singing Will wait for the scene.

          LED screen is widely used in stage rental, concert and dance events, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, conference rooms, large shopping malls, government squares, leisure squares, advertising information, commercial streets, railway stations, etc., LED creen is  rapid development and growth. It is believed that in the near future, LED screen s will be used in more fields. LED screen France suppliers offer a wide range of LED video screens. We are committed to providing full-color Display and LED cell board wholesale, while providing large full-color LED screen  solutions!

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