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        What are types of LED display screen

          What are types of LED display? Just knowing the LED display may be complicated for the type of LED display. Do not know how to distinguish the type of LED display. LED display manufacturers share LED screen knowledge!

          LED display classification

          (1) According to color classification:

          Signle color LED display: signle color LED display is only one color, most of them are single red, single white, single green, etc.

          Double-color LED display: Double-color LED display is to put red and green LED together as a pixel-making LED display. Each pixel has two primary colors, red and green, which can be superimposed yellow. In the case of grayscale control, up to 65,535 colors can be combined by changing the different gray levels of red and green.

          Full-color LED display: full-color LED display will soon be red, green, and blue LED tube together as a pixel LED display. Full-color LED display is also called three primary colors. Each pixel has three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Under the condition of gray control, the color of the natural world can be restored through the changes of red, green and blue. 16777216 colors are combined.

          (2) According to the environment classification:1、 Indoor LED display 2、Semi-outdoor LED display 3、Outdoor LED display

          (3) According to the function classification: Bar screen, graphic screen, video screen

          (4) classification by pitch:

          Indoor led screen (by pitch): P1.5, P2, P3, P4, P5...

          Outdoor led screen (by pitch): P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16...

          According to the visual distance to choose LED display,LED Display Screen Viewing Distance Calculator

          a. Indoor led screen:

          When led screens are used for conference room: P4 and smaller pitch panel are recommended

          When led screens are used for  hall lobby : P6 and smaller pitch panel are recommended.

          When led screens are used for shopping mall stage rental screens: P5 and smaller pitch panel are recommended

          b. Outdoor led screen:

          When led screen is installed near the highway: P10 outdoor full color led screen, p8 outdoor full color led screen are recommended

          When led screen is installed in a square: It is recommended to use P16 outdoor full-color led screen or P10 outdoor full-color led screen

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