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        Why solar lights are popular in poor countries

          The solar power energy industry has been witnessing stellar growth due to increasing electricity bills and passion among people to save the natural resources and avoid pollution. Besides, sun is the most easily available source of energy to earth available throughout the year.
          The attempts for tapping this energy by means of solar street lights and lighting up the world in a way that does not harm the nature have been very fruitful. This is especially more relevant in countries where people are poor and cannot afford to pay the high cost of electricity bills that come with usage of traditional sources of energy.
          Countries world over are already looking to utilize the potential of renewable source of energy to fulfill light needs in rural areas and under-developed communities where people do not have access to basic facilities.
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          Socially responsible companies, NGO’s and many international communities are looking to fund projects to light up rural homes through solar lanterns instead of conventional lights. This has led to rising popularity of solar lanterns in contrast to oil-based lamps and lanterns as these are pollution free. Solar lights also do not burden our already depleting non-renewable sources of energy.
          Solar lights can lit up the darkness all-round the year for at least a few hours every night. They are especially convenient in third-world countries and places that have hot climate and ample exposure to sun throughout the year.
          Solar lanterns are a cost effective replacement of traditional lights. They can help children study at night, families to cook and not be dependent on sun light for their daily routine. They also have a long life and do not need maintenance. Plus, there are no infrastructure costs to provide solar lights to individual homes. There are models of solar lanterns that can be carried around with ease from one place to another.
          solar street light wholesale

          If you are looking to buy solar lanterns and solar bulbs with wholesale in bulk for poor regions of the world, solar light suppliers from China are your best bet. These days, you can find solar lights, solar lanterns, solar bulbs, solar LED lights and solar panel online. A lot of companies have their own website where they show-case their solar lights designs and bulk prices on basic models along with usage instructions and technical support.
          Many charitable organizations are also coming forward to help poor communities get solar powered lights for lighting up their homes and surroundings at night. Governments are also giving tax rebates to bulk purchases by NGO’s and welfare organizations that help poor countries get access to solar powered energy without much input cost and installation overheads.
          These efforts and awareness spread around by green initiatives and reducing the carbon footprint has created a movement for a sustainable and non-polluting energy solution that has made solar lights popular in poor countries as well.

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        Why solar lights are popular in poor countries

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