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        flexible LED panel

        Ultra Thin and Light Weight

        The thickness of display is 10mm only and 3kg per sqm;

        flexible LED panel

        Soft Like LED Cloth

        Flexible led panel is made of special high quality DFR velvet drapery making it soft like a curtain of waterproof,fireproof resistance,which is suitable for rental and fixed installation,such as media advertising,promotion activities,exhibitions,stgae background,lives shows,concerts and night clubs;

        flexible LED panel

        Customzied Size and Shape

        Flexible led screen pixel pitch can be customized and different shapes is available,such as circle,triangle,round....

        flexible LED curtain display

        Small Volume for Transportation

        20 sqm can be contained in one case,saving 60% labor cost and transport cost;

        flexible LED curtain display

        Fast Installation

        Velcro connection for installation and disassembly,saving 80% labour cost;


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        Flexible LED Panel

        No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your Flexible LED Panel more attractive!

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