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        Foldable LED Display

        Foldable LED Display

        Foldable LED Screen is breaking through the traditional rigid led display,it can 360 degree rotated,foldable led display is welcome the customers,because of its foldable structure,light weight,ultra thin,irregular shape avaliable and high pitch density.

        Foldable LED screen

        Ultra Thin & Light Weight

        12mm thickness and 10kg/sqm so one hand can hold a panel.

        Foldable LED screen

        Flat and Semi-transparent

        It can be used for outdoor windy environment application or indoor led screen for dj night club.

        Foldable LED screen

        Conventient Installation & Combination

        Power and receiving cards in control box together with the panel,easy installation,magnetic self combination saves 90% assembly time.

        Foldable LED Display

        Extraordinary Flexibility

        360 degree folding,creatively light-weight give you more creative idea for you stage by flexible led screen.


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        Foldable LED Screen

        No matter where you are, no matter what screen you need,our customized solutions, high quality and competitive price makes your Foldable LED Screen more attractive!

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