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        TR Series

        Trailer LED Display

        TR Series Trailer LED Display
        TR4 | TR12 | TR16 | TR22
        • 360° rotation
        • Fashion appearance
        • Hydraulic system
        • High stability
        • Optional solar battery power supply


        Pixel Pitch p4~p10
        External Dimension 2700mm(L)×1800mm(W)×2600mm(H)
        Aggregate Trailer Mass(ATM) 710KG
        Tire Solid rubber tires
        Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) 930KG
        Brake Handle/Hydraulic
        Brightness ≥7500cd/ m²
        Hydraulic Lifting System Lifting Range 1000mm
        Hydraulic Rotating System 360° rotating
        trailer led screen

        360° rotatable LED screen

        The new system of integrated hydraulic lifting and rotating can realize 360° visible range of LED screen,improving the propaganda effect,suitable for crowded occasions such as and outdoor events.
        360° rotatable LED screen

        Imported hydraulic lifting and high stability

        The imported hydraulic lifting system is quite high stable, can reach 1000mm; the trailer LED screen height can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure the audience that enjoying a comfortable viewing angle.
        high stability trailer led display

        Fashion style

        The trailer is frameless design,clean and sharp, which fully reflects the sense of technology and modernity. It is suitable for popular performances,fashion show,traffic command etc. It is a new propaganda media for fashion trends.
        Fashion trailer led screen

        Optional solar battery power supply

        Optional solar battery power supply , high performance, uninterrupted power supply, not restricted by geographical location, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution,environmental protection and beautiful, easy maintenance.
        solar battery trailer led display

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